My name is Denise Monteiro

I am originally from Brazil. In my home country I learned the skills to make do; to accept life truths and challenges with a “stiff upper lip,” and above all, to value your family and honor your roots. There is nothing more important.  

“Quem não arrisca não petisca”

Brazilian saying

The literal translation is: “Those who do not risk, do not snack.” I have interpreted this to mean I must seize life. I must take flight. I must leap toward my dreams.  

Life has taken me on a journey that has included much love, yet many hardships and deep trauma are part of my narrative…like so many others. But my Mama’s early teachings provided me with the tools, the strength, the courage, and the stamina to never lose sight of my hopes and dreams. There is nothing more important.  

I am now an American citizen living on the east coast in beautiful, picturesque Connecticut. It is here that I have laid my new roots as a wife, mother, and friend; it is home base. It is here, ironically, that my dreams are manifesting, my dream to work as an actress in film and television. Funny, I am living in a place where my native language is far from the tip of anyone’s tongue. And the customs of my country don’t include such “extrangants” that are now at my fingertips…things like acting classes, communities of performers who teach me and lift me higher and participating and engaging in all kinds of projects with professionals that talk with me about next steps and how to achieve my goals.